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About Us

Reliable services and proven industry best practices

Percy & Company was founded in 1982 as a full-service, multi-industry research firm. With almost 40 years’ experience across a broad range of clients, industries and research questions, Percy & Company knows … Every Client Organization is unique – and – One-size Does not fit all! Hence, we tailor our research around the client need, their research budget and the Best Methodology to achieve their objectives!

Research methodologies:

  • On-Line/ Mobile
  • Mail
  • Telephone
  • Face-to-face Interviews
  • Door-to-Door
  • Focus Groups

Industries of Expertise


  • Hospitals: Branding / Market Share and Ad Hoc Studies
  • CAHPS: Approved for Mail, Telephone, Mixed-Mode, Hospice CAHPS – CAHPS for MIPS – CAHPS for ACOs
  • Medical Clinics: Patient Experience Studies [Mail, Telephone, On-Line]


  • Baton Rouge Recreation  
  • La Department Health
  • Tourism

Financial Industry: Branding, Market Acquisition Studies

English and Spanish language studies