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CMS/CAHPS Services

Center For Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Center For Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS] oversees a nation-wide, multi-faceted program of measurement of healthcare providers which includes reporting on Medical diagnoses, treatments and outcomes.  In addition, these measurements are designed to improve the overall quality of healthcare provided to the patient by seeking input from actual patients on the quality of care they received from their providers. 

Known as CAHPS [Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems], CMS closely monitors the collection of data as well as quality reporting to healthcare providers by certifying the CAHPS survey vendors through a rigorous process of background checks, annual site visits and close oversight of the CAHPS processes. 

CMS-Approved Survey Vendor

 Percy & Company is a CMS Approved Survey Vendor for the following:

  • Hospice CAHPS Surveys
  • CAHPS for MIPS Surveys
  • CAHPS for ACOs Surveys

Percy & Company is approved to employ Mail data collection, Telephone Data collection and Mixed-Mode data collection methodologies. We adhere closely to all CMS protocols and provide our clients with clear, concise, action-oriented reporting of results as well as data submission to CMS in full compliance with all requirements and regulations.